Monday, May 27, 2013

Movie Recommend for Your Summer Viewing

Movie Recommend for Teachers: Bully

For the majority of summer posts on this blog, under the assumption that most followers are on break, there will be several recommendations of books, films, videos, articles and whatever else that serve the purpose of sharpening pedagogical skills and/or inspiring us to improve.

Thus, the first one is a recommendation to see the film, "Bully". It's a documentary released fairly recently about bullying in schools. Bullying has since then become a hot topic in the educational world - and for good reason. If you don't know why you should definitely watch this film. If you do know why, you should still watch this film it's available on Netflix.

An added bonus is you'll appreciate your administration so much more after seeing the complete ineptitude of the vice principal featured in this film. See here: If she did not get fired after this film was released... then shame on the entire state of Oklahoma, and probably more.

If you don't cry, say so in the comments section and I will send your money back*. Give it a watch and see what you can learn.

*that is, your money for reading this blog, not for seeing the movie. 

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