Monday, February 17, 2014

Re-Up: Wright's Law: A Unique Teacher Imparts Real Life Lessons

Wright's Law: A Unique Teacher Imparts Real Life Lessons

"As soon as you get the kid asking 'how' or 'why', I can rope him in."

This is the inspirational video of a teacher who goes the extra mile and is loved by his students because of it. As it goes on, you also see that he has a notable situation in his home life. This is a probably a must-see for teachers, students, and people everywhere.
To quote the play-by-play from the website, Upworthy, looks like this:

At 0:10, you get a taste of this guy's awesome personality.
From 0:20-1:00, hear glowing reviews from his students.
At 1:20, I become convinced he's a WIZARD.
At 1:50, he puts a ton of trust in his students.
At 2:20, learn his teaching process and how he relates to his students.
At 3:00, he tells you the kind of issues he hears about.
At 3:45, this is where you learn about his remarkable son Adam.
At 5:20, he's going to earn your undivided attention here.
At 6:19, learn exactly what his son has to deal with.
At 7:18, I started to tear up.
At 8:40, his daughter finds a ray of hope.
At 9:10, he emphasizes that it's not important how things work, but why they do.
At 10:00, see how this amazing lesson touches all his students. 
At 10:20, there's a heartwarming moment between father and son.
And now, your video. 
Watch it, share it, love it, and see what you can learn. 

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